Why I Created This Website

As I mentioned in the “about” page, my main reason for creating this website was facilitating my self-expression. Over the years of my personal therapy and professional training and later, after my last therapy ended and then after the relationship with my last therapist ended, a lot of emotions and insights about the therapy process, the psychotherapy profession and mental health in general piled up inside of me. I felt that I needed to let all those products of my mind out in some form for the sake of my healing and also for the purpose of educating the public about many topics related to mental health people know next to nothing about.

Initially, serving the public was my primary goal until I realized that it was misguided. Over the last four years, I’ve communicated with many people who were negatively affected by the mental health profession one way or another. At some point I realized that I, as an individual, cannot help them solve the problems that were created for them by the system. Systemic problems can only be solved on the systemic level, not on the individual level. In that sense, public mental health education should also take place on a large systemic scale within the new, healthier mental health system than the one we have right now.

I, as an individual, cannot and should not take on a mission of solving a systemic problem. This kind of a task can only be accomplished by the large masses of awakened people, who not only understand that we need a new system but are also willing to act on that understanding. My interactions with many users of mental health system made me realize that we are nowhere close to that point. Those who understand that fundamental changes are needed have no will to push for those changes while others, who were or are being harmed by the system, are not even willing to see the reality for what it is. The minority, who are willing to act, are those who take legal and/or civic actions against their unethical therapists.  While those actions are needed because they enforce accountability for broken laws and ethical rules but they are not aimed at changing the broken system and, therefore, they do not fundamentally improve the quality of mental services.

At this time, when the collective shift is not happening yet, I feel, it would be healthiest and most helpful to me and everyone who comes across my website, if I kept Therapy Consumer Guide as my personal platform for expressing my views and didn’t take on any larger mission. When people read my blog they will decide what to make of it and how to use the information presented here. Their freedom to choose what to do with Therapy Consumer Guide’s substance is as important for me as my freedom to say what I want to say on Therapy Consumer Guide.


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