Why Do You Think You Need Therapy?

One of the reason you are browsing through this website may be that you are considering starting therapy. We hope you will be able to find all information you need for your research that would help you become an informed consumer and get the best mental health service that is currently available. Before you start researching all therapy related information, please, read this post first and take some time to think about why you think you need therapy.

Surely, there are reasons why you feel you need professional help. You may be experiencing some life crisis. Your marriage may be on the brink of a divorce. You might just have lost your job and have a hard time figuring out what to do now or you might have been struggling with addiction for some time and only now realized that you want to do something in addition to the 12-step meetings. It also may be that you are in no kind of crisis, but simply have lost a sense of purpose and meaning in your life and aren’t interested in all the things other people do. There is a wide spectrum of psychological and life problems that people can’t tackle without any outside help and support.

While therapy can help people get unstuck and can alleviate their emotional suffering, it is not the only way to address psychological struggles. Therapy with competent, experienced, ethical and wise practitioner can be very beneficial, but it also has its downsides and flaws, which, hopefully, you can learn more about through this website. Therapy could also become a quite expensive endeavor and the one that may require more commitment from you, as a consumer, than other type of service. Last, but not least, in psychotherapy, a consumer of service emotionally is much more vulnerable in the relationship with a provider than they would be with providers of many other services because the therapy process is based on revealing a great amount of personal, highly sensitive material to the provider.

The point of this post is not to deter you from seeking psychotherapy/counseling. It’s to make you aware (and if you are aware, just to remind you) that there are other ways to get help outside of the mental health system. Some of those ways, like spiritual counseling, people have used for ages. There are also alternative healing practices that address emotional problems holistically in connection with physical health. There are yoga and meditation classes, support groups, volunteering opportunities and opportunities for social activism that give people life purpose. In the age of Internet and free information, there is no reason to blindly follow traditional steps for addressing personal problems. Do your research and exercise your judgement to find what would work best for you. Psychotherapy can help you heal and grow, but so can other things. Life is big and holds many opportunities for us to make it fulfilling, but in order to see all those opportunities, we have to expand our vision outside of what’s familiar a.k.a traditional.



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  1. Having family, friends or a support group is always a great start before going to a professional. There’s always a unique circumstance for every situation.

  2. Marina Tonkonogy

    I agree Brittany. Oftentimes, a close circle of friends and family and/or a support group are sufficient. There are many other instances when it may not be enough or preferable. Everyone’s circumstances are different.

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