What Causes Harm In Therapy?

psychologistThere are three major causes of client harm in psychotherapy:

  •    Therapist unethical, unprofessional or outright abusive behavior;
  •    Therapist’s incompetence;
  •    Systemic flaws of the psychotherapy profession as a whole.

The cause of harm is usually a combination of all of the above factors.  Let’s take a closer look at each one. Continue reading “What Causes Harm In Therapy?”

How to Avoid Getting Abused in Psychotherapy

An interview with Marina Tonkonogy, LMFT about ways to avoid getting abused in psychotherapy (by Jaleh Weber, Yahoo! Contributor Network)

interviewer-150450_640Interview with Psychotherapist Marina Tonkonogy

Jaleh Weber, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Aug 5, 2011
Most everyone feels that they can trust a psychotherapist to help them with their issues. Unfortunately this is not always the case and some psychotherapist can be emotionally and even physically abusive towards their client. To help learn how you or someone you know can avoid getting abused in psychotherapy, I have interviewed psychotherapist Marina Tonkonogy. Continue reading “How to Avoid Getting Abused in Psychotherapy”