What to Do When Your Therapist Behaves Unethically

Oftentimes therapy clients are confused about what their therapists are doing and struggle to understand if they are behaving ethically, but if you are someone who has already realized that your therapist has committed ethical violations, you would have to decide how you want to  Continue reading “What to Do When Your Therapist Behaves Unethically”

How to Know if Your Therapist Behaves Ethically

Just as it is important to acknowledge the reality of abuse of clients in therapy, the next step in addressing this problem is to know various ways in which this type of abuse is perpetrated. The extent to which many consumers of therapy are unaware of basic rules of their providers’ professional conduct is stunning.  Continue reading “How to Know if Your Therapist Behaves Ethically”

Why I created this site

mandala-1022577_640As I mentioned in the “about” page, my main reason for creating this website was facilitating my self-expression. Over the years of my personal therapy and professional training and later, after my last therapy ended and then after the relationship with my last therapist ended, a lot of emotions and insights about the therapy process, the psychotherapy profession and mental health in general piled up inside of me. Continue reading “Why I created this site”

How Do I Know What Is And Isn’t Supposed To Happen In Therapy

counseling-99740_640Many times I’ve been contacted by people, who were currently in therapy and wanted to know if their therapists were doing the work competently and/or ethically. Such questions arose out of concerns about the specific actions or non-actions made by the therapists that didn’t seem consistent with what people believed the normal therapy process should entail. Continue reading “How Do I Know What Is And Isn’t Supposed To Happen In Therapy”