Abuse of Clients in Therapy

It would be an understatement to say that abuse in therapy is a taboo topic among professionals. The ignorance about the extent of client abuse by therapists goes beyond just not talking about it in professional circles, there is a complete denial that such phenomena exists. The most common response you would get Continue reading “Abuse of Clients in Therapy”

Does Your Therapist Say You Need to Get Worse Before You Get Better?

“Sometimes you get worse before you get better” is one of the cliches mostly used in psychodynamic therapy.

I heard those words from my therapists every time I complained about feeling worse, and many therapy clients have heard the same idea. It might have been expressed slightly differently but it carried the same message, which is that healing can start only when people face their pain and deal with it.  Continue reading “Does Your Therapist Say You Need to Get Worse Before You Get Better?”

Gaslighting in Therapy

hustle-and-bustle-494069_640If you Google the word “gaslighting,” here is what comes out as its definition: manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

Unfortunately, gaslighting (or in other words, crazymaking), is not an uncommon occurrence in therapy. Continue reading “Gaslighting in Therapy”