The Pros and Cons of Psychodynamic Therapy

This post explores pros and cons of psychodynamic psychotherapy.

psychology-531071_640Psychodynamic approach in therapy is best suited for those who want to achieve more than just reducing or eliminating unwanted symptoms. This is an insight-oriented approach that seeks to bring¬†lasting changes through the deeper understanding of one’s mental and emotional processes, which by design takes a long time to achieve.

Many people feel that they have neither time nor energy for this kind of long-term work and that all they need is Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Psychodynamic Therapy”

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

This is the summary of what psychodynmic therapy entails.

The term “psychodynamic” emerged in the second half of the last century as a result of the shift that psychotherapy profession made when many practitioners decided to move¬†away from psychoanalysis for a variety of reasons.

Psychoanalysis in its classic form was no longer Continue reading “Psychodynamic Psychotherapy”