When Therapy Harms

depression-manThe notion that psychotherapy can harm may be novel to the lay public and the professionals alike, or so it seems due to the lack of a broad public discussion of this issue.

Nevertheless, people do get harmed in psychotherapy, and those instances are not as uncommon as we would like to think. Continue reading “When Therapy Harms”

Why Harmful Psychotherapy Is Not Discusssed

girl-517555_640Unlike the cases of medical malpractice, the cases when therapy harms are not discussed broadly enough to be known to the general public, and that is for several reasons.

Firstly, the harm received in psychotherapy is very difficult to prove in most cases, Continue reading “Why Harmful Psychotherapy Is Not Discusssed”

Bad Therapy? A Disgruntled Ex-Psychotherapy Client Speaks Her Piece

This article is re-posted from http://disequilibrium1.wordpress.com/ with the author’s permission. It describes one woman’s account in therapy that led her to question the entire psychotherapy approach.

backdrop-772520_640Reposted from http://disequilibrium1.wordpress.com/ with the author’s permission.

In blogs and book reviews, I see reference by therapy professionals to the “disgruntled ex-client.”  I assume this label is pejorative and the classification perhaps is to warn therapists to create a strong filter when one hovers nearby.

So here’s my warning label: I’m a disgruntled ex-client. Continue reading “Bad Therapy? A Disgruntled Ex-Psychotherapy Client Speaks Her Piece”

How to Avoid Getting Abused in Psychotherapy

An interview with Marina Tonkonogy, LMFT about ways to avoid getting abused in psychotherapy (by Jaleh Weber, Yahoo! Contributor Network)

interviewer-150450_640Interview with Psychotherapist Marina Tonkonogy

Jaleh Weber, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Aug 5, 2011
Most everyone feels that they can trust a psychotherapist to help them with their issues. Unfortunately this is not always the case and some psychotherapist can be emotionally and even physically abusive towards their client. To help learn how you or someone you know can avoid getting abused in psychotherapy, I have interviewed psychotherapist Marina Tonkonogy. Continue reading “How to Avoid Getting Abused in Psychotherapy”