Filing Complaint vs. Suing a Therapist Who Committed Ethical Violations

People who have been harmed by therapists one way or another often want to pursue justice because they feel that their healing cannot begin if they, at least, don’t attempt to get justice they deserve. If this is your situation, you basically have two choices. You can either file a complaint with  Continue reading “Filing Complaint vs. Suing a Therapist Who Committed Ethical Violations”

Can Therapy Become an Addiction?

When you are in therapy there is a pretty good chance that at some point you will find yourself wondering if therapy has become more of an addiction than an actual therapeutic experience. If you have already found yourself in this situation, Continue reading “Can Therapy Become an Addiction?”

Emotional Abuse in Therapy

I’ve already talked about a great deal of denial in the mental health community about abuse of clients that takes place in therapy much more often than professionals would like to admit. The available information on the subject is very scarce, and, mostly, the only type of abuse of clients that gets some minimal attention is sexual abuse when  Continue reading “Emotional Abuse in Therapy”

Abuse of Clients in Therapy

It would be an understatement to say that abuse in therapy is a taboo topic among professionals. The ignorance about the extent of client abuse by therapists goes beyond just not talking about it in professional circles, there is a complete denial that such phenomena exists. The most common response you would get Continue reading “Abuse of Clients in Therapy”