Can Therapy Become an Addiction?

When you are in therapy there is a pretty good chance that at some point you will find yourself wondering if therapy has become more of an addiction than an actual therapeutic experience. If you have already found yourself in this situation, Continue reading “Can Therapy Become an Addiction?”

How to Heal from Botched Therapy

If you are someone who has been traumatized in therapy, it might be difficult to get help.

Traumatic experience in therapy might make you hesitant to seek professional help again in the first place, but, even if you break through natural fear of getting hurt again, it would be a hell of a task to find a therapist  Continue reading “How to Heal from Botched Therapy”

How Do I Know What Is And Isn’t Supposed To Happen In Therapy

counseling-99740_640Many times I’ve been contacted by people, who were currently in therapy and wanted to know if their therapists were doing the work competently and/or ethically. Such questions arose out of concerns about the specific actions or non-actions made by the therapists that didn’t seem consistent with what people believed the normal therapy process should entail. Continue reading “How Do I Know What Is And Isn’t Supposed To Happen In Therapy”

Bad Therapy? A Disgruntled Ex-Psychotherapy Client Speaks Her Piece

This article is re-posted from with the author’s permission. It describes one woman’s account in therapy that led her to question the entire psychotherapy approach.

backdrop-772520_640Reposted from with the author’s permission.

In blogs and book reviews, I see reference by therapy professionals to the “disgruntled ex-client.”  I assume this label is pejorative and the classification perhaps is to warn therapists to create a strong filter when one hovers nearby.

So here’s my warning label: I’m a disgruntled ex-client. Continue reading “Bad Therapy? A Disgruntled Ex-Psychotherapy Client Speaks Her Piece”