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The information about the consumer side of the Mental Health services, especially when it comes to psychotherapy, is virtually non-existent. The Therapy Consumer Guide project, initiated in 2012, strives to fill the informational void and help those who seek professional assistance select best services and practitioners for their needs.

This objective is pursued in two distinct approaches. One is to provide the readers with the free generalized therapy consumer information, compiled on the website. The other is to offer individual paid consultations, addressing specific needs and unique situations of individual consumers.

Generic Therapy Consumer Information

The generic Therapy Consumer information is provided free of charge to any readers of the website. This information is educational in nature and presented to cover the wide range of mental health related topics for those who never been in therapy before, as well as for the current or past psychotherapy consumers.

As a licensed psychotherapist with the experience being both on the provider and consumer sides of the mental health services, I discuss various modalities of the psychotherapy process, current challenges in the mental health field, and provide useful information on how to become an educated consumer.

I sincerely welcome a constructive feedback from all my readers and always encourage them to share their opinions in the comment section for any of my articles or by becoming a guest author on the website.

Individual Therapy Consumer Consultations

If you want to discuss any specific issues regarding your current, past, or prospective therapy, you may want to book a private, online Therapy Consumer Consultation. Below are the examples of topics that you may want to bring for this individual session:

  • You have been dissatisfied with or traumatized by your past or current therapy experience and want to make sense of it
  • You can’t tell if your current therapy is working
  • You are not in therapy but want to know more about this process,  and how to select the most appropriate service, tailored to your needs

During the consultations, I will work with you to understand the nature of your issue and do my best in providing you with the educated advice and helpful resources to fulfill your specific needs.

Structurally, the Therapy Consumer Consultation service usually takes from one to three online video sessions 60 minutes each. The cost of each consultation is $95.00. For your convenience, you can click on the image on the left to schedule a consultation and pre-pay for the service online (PayPal and all major debit/credit cards are accepted). Please note that the payment is required before any services are rendered.

You do not need any special software installed to have the online video consultation with me, as long as you have either Chrome or Firefox browsers installed and have a webcam attached to your computer. For additional details on how to get started with the online consultation, please click this link.

Marina Tonkonogy, MFT
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Typically, I do not provide more than three Therapy Consumer Consultations within a one year period. If you feel that three consultations were not enough to address your needs, this may indicate that you could benefit more from the regular psychotherapy rather than a consumer educational service. In that case, you might either switch to my online psychotherapy service or work with any another mental health professional.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: It is necessary to note that Therapy Consumer Consultation service is NOT considered psychotherapyUnlike psychotherapy, the purpose of therapy consumer consultations is not to treat mental conditions or to solve psychological problems but to educate consumers about psychotherapy process and about selecting the most appropriate services and practitioners for their needs.

As part of the Therapy Consumer Consultation service, I will neither be diagnosing or treating any mental conditions nor providing professional therapy advice on any psychological, psychiatric, relational, family and other life problems you might have.

Please also remember, that any advice or information I provide is based on my personal and subjective experience of being both a provider and consumer of mental health services. The entire system of mental health is too big and too diverse to be well-known by any individual, professional or not.  Always exercise your critical thinking, use your common sense, and always rely on your own judgment, utilizing provided information as the “food for thought” and not as specific instructions on how to behave in your situation.