Pay Forward

My mission, as the author of this website, a mental health professional and a former consumer of mental health service is to educate people about many realities of the mental health industry they know little or nothing about because this information hasn’t been made available to them. But I don’t want to stop at educating people only. I want to take my project further. It is my biggest wish and hope that Therapy Consumer Guide will inspire people to take action in order to change the broken mental health system.

Therefore, if you believe my website is valuable to consumers of mental health services, please DON’T THANK ME. Instead, please, PAY FORWARD.┬áBy paying forward I mean engaging in some type of activism that will help to bring about positive changes. It can be anything from just starting your personal blog to starting petitions and writing letters to the editor to taking bigger political actions. Don’t do it for me though. Do it for yourself. If you have ever been harmed by the mental health system, taking action to change the status quo can be one of the most healing experiences, a fulfilling one for sure.

If my website has inspired you to take action, please, let me know. It is my greatest reward to know that my work motivates people to channel their frustrations and to put their energy into meaningful practical actions.