Transference Dance In Therapy: What Is Counter-Transference?

therapy-2In the previous post on Transference, I discussed the traditional definition of transference and how it undermines therapy effectiveness. I also offered a different, much broader definition that would allow therapists to see clients’ problems and their relationships with clients more clearly and realistically. Continue reading “Transference Dance In Therapy: What Is Counter-Transference?”

Transference Dance In Therapy: What Is Transference?

transferenceIn the introductory article on Transference, I talked about the importance of making the concept of transference public knowledge. Now, let’s talk about transference itself, how the mental health profession defines it and what it really is.

In the nutshell, the classic definition of transference Continue reading “Transference Dance In Therapy: What Is Transference?”

Transference Dance in Therapy: Introduction

transferenceIf there was just one thing you needed understand in order to appreciate the ambiguity and the confusing nature of therapy, it would be transference. Just understanding transference alone helps to see where both benefits and potential dangers of therapy come from and much more than that. It also helps to understand how human relationships work in Continue reading “Transference Dance in Therapy: Introduction”

A Damaging Quest for Help

This personal story about a harmful experience in therapy has been provided by one of our guest authors, S.T. (The name has been hidden to protect author’s confidentiality)

depression-woman-2 This personal story is provided by one of our guest authors, S.T.

My story begins when my life went into a crisis following a number of devastating events that happened within about a year of each other-including the death of my father and a divorce from a ten-year marriage. I ended up in the hospital after I experienced suicidal thoughts and feelings that were unrelenting. Continue reading “A Damaging Quest for Help”