A Damaging Quest for Help

This personal story about a harmful experience in therapy has been provided by one of our guest authors, S.T. (The name has been hidden to protect author’s confidentiality)

depression-woman-2 This personal story is provided by one of our guest authors, S.T.

My story begins when my life went into a crisis following a number of devastating events that happened within about a year of each other-including the death of my father and a divorce from a ten-year marriage. I ended up in the hospital after I experienced suicidal thoughts and feelings that were unrelenting. Continue reading “A Damaging Quest for Help”

How to Select a Therapist

therapy-2Finding a therapist who can be a good match for your needs may take a lot of your time, money, and energy.   I would like to offer some tips that might make “shopping” for a therapist easier.  My suggestions are based on my personal experience as a therapy patient or, in marketing terms, a consumer of therapy services and on my professional experience as a therapist. Continue reading “How to Select a Therapist”

Anti-Depressants Controversy

For decades antidepressants have been the unquestionable established treatment of depression, but it appears that there is little evidence that antidepressants create anything more than a placebo effect in cases of mild and moderate depression.

Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect: The Emperor’s New Drugs by Irving Kirsch, Ph.D.