Filing Complaint vs. Suing a Therapist Who Committed Ethical Violations

People who have been harmed by therapists one way or another often want to pursue justice because they feel that their healing cannot begin if they, at least, don’t attempt to get justice they deserve. If this is your situation, you basically have two choices. You can either file a complaint with  Continue reading “Filing Complaint vs. Suing a Therapist Who Committed Ethical Violations”

Why I created this site

mandala-1022577_640As I mentioned in the “about” page, my main reason for creating this website was facilitating my self-expression. Over the years of my personal therapy and professional training and later, after my last therapy ended and then after the relationship with my last therapist ended, a lot of emotions and insights about the therapy process, the psychotherapy profession and mental health in general piled up inside of me. Continue reading “Why I created this site”

More caution should be used before prescribing psychiatric medication

In this article Andy Alt expresses his concern about widely prescribing psychotropic medications

drug-621843_640By guest author Andy Alt, mental health consumer, blogger

Andy’s blog is

I’m somewhat concerned about treatment options available for mental illness. I’m of the opinion that psychotropic drugs are over-prescribed. I believe their efficacy is overstated, and the risks understated.

It’s especially challenging to track and record the cases in which medications have done more harm than good. Continue reading “More caution should be used before prescribing psychiatric medication”

My therapy works because my feedback counts

This is the story of Emily where she shares her good experience in therapy and explains what made her therapy work.

arrows-796134_640I have never suffered from depression and general anxiety until recently.  I have no history of mental illness besides social anxiety, but I have always had pretty good control over it. It never held me back from things.  I struggled internally, but I could cope well in situations where I was uncomfortable.

I was overwhelmed with my daughter’s diagnosis. Continue reading “My therapy works because my feedback counts”