Bad Therapy? A Disgruntled Ex-Psychotherapy Client Speaks Her Piece

This article is re-posted from with the author’s permission. It describes one woman’s account in therapy that led her to question the entire psychotherapy approach.

backdrop-772520_640Reposted from with the author’s permission.

In blogs and book reviews, I see reference by therapy professionals to the “disgruntled ex-client.”  I assume this label is pejorative and the classification perhaps is to warn therapists to create a strong filter when one hovers nearby.

So here’s my warning label: I’m a disgruntled ex-client. Continue reading “Bad Therapy? A Disgruntled Ex-Psychotherapy Client Speaks Her Piece”

Therapy and Me

A guest post about her personal experience in therapy from our contributor Julie L. Desfosses.

therapy-3I’ll get right to the point: therapy has been a mixed bag of “stuff” for me.  Let me be a little more specific for you.  Therapy was great in the beginning for one reason.  I had thirty years’ worth of pain, shame, hurt, blame, anger and misunderstandings that I needed to talk and cry out.  I needed an understanding

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A Damaging Quest for Help

This personal story about a harmful experience in therapy has been provided by one of our guest authors, S.T. (The name has been hidden to protect author’s confidentiality)

depression-woman-2 This personal story is provided by one of our guest authors, S.T.

My story begins when my life went into a crisis following a number of devastating events that happened within about a year of each other-including the death of my father and a divorce from a ten-year marriage. I ended up in the hospital after I experienced suicidal thoughts and feelings that were unrelenting. Continue reading “A Damaging Quest for Help”

How to Avoid Getting Abused in Psychotherapy

An interview with Marina Tonkonogy, LMFT about ways to avoid getting abused in psychotherapy (by Jaleh Weber, Yahoo! Contributor Network)

interviewer-150450_640Interview with Psychotherapist Marina Tonkonogy

Jaleh Weber, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Aug 5, 2011
Most everyone feels that they can trust a psychotherapist to help them with their issues. Unfortunately this is not always the case and some psychotherapist can be emotionally and even physically abusive towards their client. To help learn how you or someone you know can avoid getting abused in psychotherapy, I have interviewed psychotherapist Marina Tonkonogy. Continue reading “How to Avoid Getting Abused in Psychotherapy”