Transference Dance In Therapy: What Is Transference?

transferenceIn the introductory article on Transference, I talked about the importance of making the concept of transference public knowledge. Now, let’s talk about transference itself, how the mental health profession defines it and what it really is.

In the nutshell, the classic definition of transference Continue reading “Transference Dance In Therapy: What Is Transference?”

Transference Dance in Therapy: Introduction

transferenceIf there was just one thing you needed understand in order to appreciate the ambiguity and the confusing nature of therapy, it would be transference. Just understanding transference alone helps to see where both benefits and potential dangers of therapy come from and much more than that. It also helps to understand how human relationships work in Continue reading “Transference Dance in Therapy: Introduction”

How to Select a Therapist

therapy-2Finding a therapist who can be a good match for your needs may take a lot of your time, money, and energy.   I would like to offer some tips that might make “shopping” for a therapist easier.  My suggestions are based on my personal experience as a therapy patient or, in marketing terms, a consumer of therapy services and on my professional experience as a therapist. Continue reading “How to Select a Therapist”

Anti-Depressants Controversy

For decades antidepressants have been the unquestionable established treatment of depression, but it appears that there is little evidence that antidepressants create anything more than a placebo effect in cases of mild and moderate depression.

Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect: The Emperor’s New Drugs by Irving Kirsch, Ph.D.