Hello and welcome to Therapy Consumer Guide.

I am Marina Tonkonogy, a California licensed mental health professional, a marriage and family therapist, with non-mainstream views on mental health and psychotherapy.

Over the years of working in my professional field I had become deeply frustrated and disappointed with our mental health system, its culture and its customary practices. I realized not only that the system was very dysfunctional but that it was in the need of a major overhaul if it was ever to become capable of providing adequate services to the public.

Therapy Consumer Guide is intended to be an educational source for consumers of mental health services. Its general purpose is to educate the lay public about how psychotherapy process works as it is presently conducted. An educated consumer is an empowered consumer who is in the best position to protect him or herself from inadequate services, questionable methods, unethical and unprofessional behavior and to look for better alternatives.

I take pride in the fact that many users of Therapy Consumer Guide appreciate the website’s content for its uniqueness and raw authenticity. The material provided here did not come from mainstream academic teachings mixed with pop-psychology and it is not presented along stereotypical lines that use mental health buzz-words and buzz-concepts. The insights shared on this website have come through processing experiences of many people, my own included, and dong tons of healing work. I have lived all my personal knowledge presented here and I will continue to express it in its raw form, just as it comes to me. I wouldn’t do it any other way because only original ideas and expressions have value to me because they are the ones that raise the collective consciousness.

While my overall goal is to broaden the scope of the content of Therapy Consumer Guide to include all mental health related topics that might interest the broad audience, at the moment, the content is heavily targeted at serving those who have been harmed in therapy. Consequently, many posts on the website are dedicated to teaching people how to to protect themselves while seeking professional help through recognizing inadequate service, harmful methods and inappropriate, unprofessional or plain unethical behavior of a service provider.

It is my big hope that Therapy Consumer Guide will help you, as a consumer, to become more empowered and less vulnerable to harm and exploitation by professionals and to find the best mental health service for yourself.